Associate Vice Presidents

Bruce Baier
3196 Clairville Rd.
Oshkosh, WI 54904

Lee Frederickson

Lee Frederickson

Lee D. Frederickson, DDS
7888 Railside Dr. SW
Byron Center, MI 49315
(616) 540-6565 – Cell
(616) 277-1695 – Home

As a child, I was the blond kid that loved anything that flew (like my blue corsair control line model), and through out my childhood on weekends you would find me at the airport or Riverside Park flying combat and stunt control line models.  Jerry Ford was instrumental in my acceptance to the Air Force Academy.  My decision was to attend Western Michigan University in pre-dental curriculum and the University of Michigan Dental School graduating in 1969.   The US Army still had me flying model aircraft.  I was licensed as a private pilot in 1970 in full scale aircraft.  After the military I obtained my commercial ticket, instrument, instrument instructor, multi-engine, and helicopter licenses.

As of today, my flying machines are as small as electric powered ounces of foam and as large as 33% edge 540 3D aircraft powered by 120 cc gas engines.  Lithium polymer and Lithium Ion batteries with brushless motors have made the weight power ratios in the pilot’s advantage.  Nitro methane alcohol engines and gasoline engines are standard fare.

Dave George

Dave George

Dave George
18161 Fox Glen Dr.
Riverview, MI 48192
(734) 284-9017

As a young boy at age 3 I flew my first Stratus hand launch glider priced at a whopping 5 cents. I grew up in a modeling environment and for a majority of my life the Indian City Radio Control Club, just south of Detroit. My father Walter George was one great teacher, modeler and competitor. His greatest words were “trim your model” and “The model flies you direct it”. He demanded a simple path for a young “wannabe” modeler. His logical progression was for me to learn to trim a glider, then to free flight trimming and on to rudder only single channel RC flight trim. The method to his words was that a well- trimmed model always flies the best. Today those words still remain so true. The rest is up to you.  Finally by age 7, I had my first rudder only Nomad powered RC glider.  This was my start.

I have been blessed with many good types of modeling activities including control line, free flight, all types of aircraft, and helicopters. My progression has been from using single channel escapement RC, galloping ghost, Reed, and on to today’s fully proportional RC equipment.

I have been able to witness the modeling birth of a world class champion flyer, Andrew Jesky. I am proud to have been a little part of that.

Today I am a President of a relatively new club, the Downriver Aeromodelers. My main passion today is turbine powered helicopters but I do still manage to fly those fixed wing things from time to time. I even enjoy our latest fad of Quad-copters.

This is a wonderful hobby. I have been able to assist many people accomplish their first flights. What a mental high with instant gratification seeing a beginner make that first landing!

If I could do it all over again I would change nothing. No matter where you go in this world, there is a modeler who wants to be your friend and I have been blessed many times.

After 56 years flying radio control models and my recent appointment as a District VII Associate VP, I look forward to again playing an additional small part in giving back to the hobby I love and so many of us enjoy. See you at the field.

Randy Gibson

Randy Gibson

Randall Gibson
503 Mall Court #289
Lansing, MI 48912
(317) 698-4346

Bud Gorman
Box 33
Knife River, MN 55609

Don Held

Don Held

Don Held
1550 Patterson Rd.
Elmira, MI 49730
(231) 584-2662

My dad was the 7th president of AMA, so I have been flying my whole life, started at 4. I have flown everything from hand launch gliders to 40% RC, stunt, speed, free flight, anything that had wings on it. We traveled the country going to the Internationals to the Nationals and took home a lot of trophy’s. Now I live in Gaylord Mi. a member of the “ALPS” and enjoy helping people learn to fly, I mostly fly the larger one’s now.

Noel Hunt

Noel Hunt

Noel Hunt
13403 Towering Oaks Dr.
Shelby Twp., MI 48315
(586) 677-1540

Noel’s interest in war birds of the Great War and WWII started as a youngster when he built plastic kits of just about every military plane offered by Airfix.  Next came u-control in high school.  Working in a local hobby shop, he bought a 4-chanel radio system as soon as he had saved enough of his pay.  Before fully mastering powered R/C flight, he discovered slope soaring.  Port Elizabeth, where he lived then, is known as the Windy City of South Africa and those winds on the slopes facing the Indian Ocean made for ideal conditions.

Like many, college, a career, a family, and various moves around the world interrupted his model aviation activity.  Finally, after settling in Shelby Township, Michigan and with his daughter and son in high school and then college, there was time to get back into model aviation for the second time, in 2006.

He took an active role in his local club leadership as VP, secretary, web master, instructor, CD, & ground school coordinator.  He has been a District VII AVP since 2012

Another aspect of living in Port Elizabeth in the ‘70s was having South African Air Force (SAAF) Harvards – AT-6 Texans by another name – still in active use as military trainers.  Harvards were active in the SAAF well in to the ‘80s.  It was common to see a flight of them in the skies over his home.  To this day they are one of his all-time favorite aircraft.  Watch for him and his US Air Force yellow AT-6 at war bird events around south east Michigan.

Bob Johnson
453 Roosevelt St.
Fond du Lac, WI  54935

My first recollection of modeling was building a solid scale model of an F-86 from a kit that my aunt gave me for Christmas. I also had several less than stellar attempts at building rubber powered models from kits. During this time I also flew several different Jim Walker models with modest success. About 1955 I purchased my first glow engine, an OK Cub .14, that taught me how to start a glow engine without getting a serious whack on the fingers when the engine backfired. My first successful free flight model was a Nomad from Joy Products powered by an OK Cub 049; my first successful U-control model was a profile P-51 from a Scientific kit, also powered by an OK Cub 049. Over the next three or four years I build a variety of models, mainly U-control from plans that appeared in Flying Models magazine.

In 1971 I purchased my first radio, an Orbit four channel system that I used to learn to fly R/C. The system was installed in an Airtronics Olympic 99 sailplane. That was quickly followed by an RCM Basic Trainer built from a Bridi kit, which was powered by a Veco 19. As a result of those two airplanes I became thoroughly ‘hooked’ on R/C model flying. After learning the skills necessary to fly models I began flying pattern models, including the Super Kaos, Dirty Birdy, Tiger Tail, and Phoenix 7. I also participated in ½ A Pylon racing for several years. About 1980 I rediscovered soaring and since then my interest has been primarily in glider-guiding. With the significant improvement in both motor and battery technology, my interest has slowly shifted from string-launch sailplanes to electric-launch sailplanes.

As a result of participation in local, regional, and national glider competition I began to realize that there was a niche for a new class of gliders and in 1995 began campaigning for a new glider class that had only three controls: rudder, elevator, and spoilers. After six years of trying, the class was approved by the AMA and now appears in the AMA Rulebook as the RES Class.

With a decrease in weight and size of equipment, small, light-weight, electric-powered model airplanes that can easily be flown indoors has become a reality. While in the past, winter was ‘Building Season’, it is now ‘Indoor Season’; it is now possible to fly R/C models almost all year long. In addition to flying indoor R/C models, I occasionally fly rubber-powered models.

To support my involvement in the hobby, I taught Physics and Computer Science at the Senior High School in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin from 1964 to 1996.

Mark E, Robotti
26540 Olympic Trail
North Lindstrom, MN 55045

Doc Shelstrom

Doc Shelstrom

Marc (Doc) Shelstrom
1020 Morningview Road
Lancaster, WI 53813
608-732-4077 – Cell
608-723-2454 – Home

I was ten-years-old when I built my first model, which was a rubber-powered stick and tissue. Two years later I flew a Cox.049 control line. At 14 I joined AMA and flew a rudder only escapement. I didn’t have much success with it or the Galloping Ghost that I flew when I was 16. However, at age 18 I flew a Lanier ARF with an EK Logictrol radio and an Enya 60 and was finally successful. I owe much of that success to Blaine Kearney of Audubon, Iowa. Blaine spent many hours teaching me the finer points of radio-controlled flight. Blaine proved the truth of the maxim “Take a kid flying!” His patience and love of the sport inspired me and has kept me flying for over 45 years.

While I enjoy flying RC, I truly love to build the models. In the past I built sport airplanes. However, I always wanted to build scale and three years ago started building a BUSA Nieuport 28c, 1/3 scale. I am almost finished with it and can’t wait to get it in the air.

I’ve helped about 35-40 people learn to fly or offered help with their builds. I was honored to accept the appointment to Associate Vice President of District VII because I felt it was an opportunity for me to give back to the sport and to thank AMA for all it has done for me.


Kent Woods

Kent Woods

Kent Woods
4709 Twain St
Ames, IA 50014
(641) 751-7126 – Cell
(515) 232-8180 – Home

Frequency Coordinators


Pete Waters
7420 Seven Mile Rd.
Northville, MI 48167
(248) 486-4800


Al Schwartz
2787 Fernwood
Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 633-2286

Contest Coordinators

RC (Michigan)

Wayne Yeager
(517) 260-0132

RC (Non-Michigan)

Michael J. Haller
290 Whispering Springs Dr #5
Fond du Lac, WI 54937
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