Model Aviation January 2015 Column

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So here we are staring at 2015. Although this hits nearly everyone’s mailbox toward the end of December, the publishing deadline has writing me this column in early November.

I’d like to begin by thanking those who stepped up to serve as club officers this year and an extra special thank-you to the ones who are serving for the first time. The bottom line is it’s essential to a club’s well-being that leadership experience gets shared. Let’s face it; none of us will be around forever.

While still on the subject of leadership, you might also consider becoming a Leader Member. Leader Members remain a key link to getting important information out to clubs. More about that can be found on the AMA website or contact Leader Member Chairman Rusty Kennedy at amalmprogram@gmail.com.

If by chance anyone is having a tough time coming up with ideas for resolutions for 2015, it’s been requested by more than a handful of club secretaries and treasurers that I remind you get your club dues and renewals in early. Planning for events, budgets, and activities is tough enough as it is. Not knowing what you have to work with makes the job more difficult.

There is one last thing before the event report. This column always closes with “Take a kid flying.” I’d like you all to consider resolving to do that in the upcoming year. It makes no difference if the kid is 5 or 95. It’s part of the kid in us that helps unite us in the hobby.

Michigan Associate Vice President Don Held will share pictures and information about a new electric fly-in from Gaylord, Michigan. Take it away, Don.

“The Alpine Leisure Pilots Society (ALPS) RC club of Gaylord, Michigan, had its inaugural all-electric fly-in on June 21, 2014. The weather could not have been any better—mid-70s and just a little wind now and then. A perfect day for flying and there was a lot of it— nonstop for most of the day. The club held a pizza party for lunch.

“The pilots put on a good show for all of the spectators. Ashleigh Heath and Chris Hass put on a show that most Northern Michigan fliers have never seen. Many did not realize how good some of the top fliers in the country are and what the airplanes are capable of doing. It was one amazing show!

“Everyone said they had a great time and will be back next year to make it bigger and better. So put the date on your calendar for next year.”

Take a kid flying!